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Be more open to connect with other specialised single product solutions like DEPUTY. It will bring you more customers.

Deputy is a very dedicated shift management system on steroids. They are so specialised that it does not make sense for JustLogin to replicate their user experience or features. It is better to bring in users of this solution into JustLogin back end to process the logic based on Singapore Laws and employment practices. they lack this specialisation but are good on user experience and features. If you can be listed on their connected apps, it will be a big plus. Its not in your interest to build a super time clock system, so why not partner. In fact no matter how good, there will be customers that prefer another style. Its not difficult to be open to connect to them. They are ready if you are. I believe there are many users of Deputy in Singapore. Already there is another payroll provider that currently has native connection to them. Its just about sharing formats. But your format is not easy to transform/export via their custom reports. Do consider. Thanks!

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  • May 25 2023
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