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Expense Summary Period Dates for Report Generation

First time user on Expense module.

Would like to request that when generating the Expense Summary as a report, that the Period Dates are as per what the Users had provided and not based on

claim creation date.

My Users have been told to indicate their Claims Period based on the month that they would be getting their reimbursement. Eg: 1 Aug and 31 Aug even though they may have created their claim in July.

After processing payroll, I would need to generate the Expense Report for Finance and I discovered that the Period Dates of 1st & 31st Aug doesn't generate any data for claims that were not created in August.

The Period Dates by the User and the Period Dates on the Expense Summary are not aligned.

Sometimes Users may have created their claim in a month but didn't submit it in until a month or 2 months later. Or Users create claims progressively so that they do n't have a bunch to get through. Administrators should not have to track creation dates of every submission just so that when the month-end report has to be generated, they know how far back the Start Date on the Period Date has to be.

Is it possible to re-look at how this can be improved, pls?

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  • Aug 27 2021
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  • Admin
    JustLogin Ideas commented
    31 Aug, 2021 02:37am

    Hi there, thank you for your suggestion and we have include this feature in our Product Roadmap planning. Thank you.