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Bank File for Expenses

It will be helpful for companies to be able to generate bank files just for reimbursement instead of having them lump together with payroll. I understand that there is a function to create adhoc payments just for expenses via the payroll system but this has to be done manually since you will have to tick and untick what you don't want to include in your payroll/bank file every month.

As an example, we would like to that expenses and payroll are not paid as a lump sum so it will be ideal that under the JustExpense Module, once the approver click on the reimburse, we are able to generate a bank file from there. This is to make sure that the approver is clear on what amount is paid. Our expenses amount fluctuates on different months so we need to be able to identify which amount is for pay and which amount is for expense.

The purpose of being on the HR management system is also to eliminate manual tasks but at this point, it does not helps to eliminate the manual tasks but it is the same amount of work.

We would greatly appreciate it if JustLogin can assess if this is a solution that you can provide to us as the users.

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  • Oct 14 2021
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