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To Enhance the Temperature Scanning device to able to capture more than one entity

Hi Jay,

Thank you again for your patience for listening to my feedback with regards to the whole implementation for Justlogin temperature scanning machine (TSM).

1. I was told that TSM can only support 1 entity and not 3 entities. We have 3 companies and all employees clock-in and clock-out as our existing HR practices. Wondering if there was a gap during the feasibility study that led to the issues that we need to use 2 devices to capture the daily attendance of our employees?

2. Due to the above equipment limitations, we have to set up another device (Ipad) to capture the other 2 companies' employees clock-in and clock-out.

3. Because of the delay in capturing the clock-in and clock-out even now for all employees after the implementation of the payroll module and the leave Module. We are doing double work, as we need extra time to upload the attendance manually into the system in order for us to process the monthly payroll.

4. During my self -training I also found out that the links of companies in the setup configuration were not properly done. And those discrepancies caused some confusion to us too.

5. As what we have discussed on the stability of the TSM on the wireless platform is not ideal? Please give me some advice.

We hope that Just Login will look into the issues seriously and assist quickly. The consolidation of the clock-in and clock-out data and backup contingency in the event of a machine breakdown. Are these being discussed during the implementation of the machine. Kindly enlighten me on this.

Thank you and looking forward to your favourable reply.

Best regards,

Jane Teo (HR/Admin Manager)

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  • Jane Teo
  • Dec 3 2020
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