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Feedback on Issues

Hi, there are quite a number of issues on [attendance] happened in Nov'21 and recently in Mar/Apr'22, we faced issues after issues which result in downtime and inconvenience to Administrator and users. As an administrator, i also received feedback from users that Justlogin is not working well. Problems faced : clock in/out not captured, resulting in multiple clicking or missing data. After the attendance issue is fixed, the administrator (myself) still need to manually adjusted all the clocking details during the downtime just to set the record right. the reason for using system is to smoothen operations and help us to process things in the most efficient way, but seems its not the case. and just 2 days ago, there are issues on the FIN which prompted Error message when i was processing payroll and I was informed that there is a bug AGAIN. and other Ad-hoc problem: Leave reports taking long to be generated (like few hours).

Sometimes during 1st round of troubleshooting, I was advised by Justlogin to get the users or myself to clear history, change browser which is not helpful most of the times. Our users have to spend their time to trial this & that in the end the reply from justlogin is "there are bugs / we have deployed a fix" .. this happens too frequent, its really very frustrating and time consuming. please look into the issue.

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  • Apr 8 2022
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