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Time-off application

Dear Justlogin,

I like to raise feedback regarding the time-off application function in Justlogin.

I understand that we can apply time-off by hours. However, we have been encountering problems with the applications. Each time we credit to the staff the exact number of hours he/she is entitled, Justlogin system will auto round-up the time-off credit, which will cost the staff to have an incorrect leave balance. I have received feedback from my colleagues that they have been receiving error messages saying they have insufficient leave balance when for their time off applications. This is because when we credit, for example, 0.5625 day (4.5 hours) to staff, the system will auto round-up to 0.56 day leaving staff with a lesser time-off balance.

I have contacted Justlogin support team for months now on this issue and each time where it seems like the issue is resolved, the same problem arose again.

I contacted Justlogin customer support team again this morning via email. All I was told it's that it cannot be resolved. The system has rounded up the time off for the staff and staff should therefore just applied the rounded up time off. Is this the way to resolve the issue? Getting staff to apply for a lesser time off because the system is unable to suppport? I was taken aback by the reply from an anonymous sender from Justlogin support team.

Lastly, the purpose to use the hr system is to be more efficient and lessen the unnecessary communication/paperwork for the leave/time off applications. However, we ended up spending a lot of time manually credit/deduct the staff time off on Justlogin, liaising with Justlogin support team which ended up did not resolve the issue.

I am really disappointed and I request that Justlogin provides a concrete answer as soon as possible as to whether the system is able to support the time-off application for us or not.

Magdeline Tan

Head, HR & Administration

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  • Jun 1 2021
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