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auto removal of $0 IR8A from IRAS REPORT

Since IRAS does not allow $0 reports.

Since we know there is nothing wrong with dropping it?

Why not automatically do it?

No difference to user?

Why if you know IRAS does not want $0 IR8A would you let user submit, have an error and have to find one by one to correct when it is inconsequential? Or offer to auto correct it via terminated status? Or remove from payroll?

Save support time and save users time.

Same issue for the last 5 years. Due to part timer coming in and out, hard to definitely mark as resigned.

if not, if their payroll is added.

Your system also does not alert and just drops the pay and suddenly we realise later that we missed them out with no warning.

Have a thought, many will appreciate it.

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  • May 25 2023
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