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Daily notification of staff on leave not reflected correctly

App currently allow multiple leave dates to be applied as a single application.

1st issue - this resulted as a single leave period being seen in the app, only when staff click on it will they see the actual leave date. Can the correct leave date be reflected one by one in the "upcoming leave" field in the app instead of just a single leave period? Staff can see easily & be reminded when they can take leave instead of having to click it to check. If they forget to click it, they will think that's the whole period to take leave. We have staff who apply leave so early that they forget when's the date they've applied. So, a clear reminder helps but this single leave period might cause mistakes.

2nd issue - when the notification email is sent, it shows the staff as taking leave daily for the whole block of leave date. Eg, application for 28/10-4/11 but staff took 28/10 & 4/11 only. Daily email notification sent by system from 28/10 to 4/11, showed staff taking leave for leave period 28/10-4/11 though it indicated number of days as 2 days. This is misleading because when people received email on 29/10 and see the name there, people will just assume staff is on leave that day unless you look at it closely. But still, people won't know which are the actual 2 days you are on leave unless leave admin log in to check which defeat the purpose of the notification email.

  • Pris
  • Nov 2 2022
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